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Good news, D.R.A.G.O.N.S.!

Someone has discovered how to create hot butterbeer and butterbeer frappuccinos — with or without espresso — at Starbucks! They put the recipe online so that we muggles can order it from our neighborhood baristas (just make sure your barista is up for it, and don’t be that person who holds up the mile-long line at rush hour by asking for a complicated custom drink).

I imagine you could also buy the syrups and make them for yourself at home. Extra customizable, and probably cheaper in the long run if you’ll drink a lot of them.

Go forth and caffeinate!


P.S. I write this from a Starbucks in Peru, where unfortunately I don’t think trying to order a butterbeer would go so well, but where a manjar blanco (Peruvian dulce de leche) latte is magical in its own right.