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This post is for our fellow college muggles, and others with limited resources.

I’d like to share a great way to make a cheap, easy, healthy, and filling vegetarian pasta! Courtesy of my good friends K and A, who basically cooked the whole thing while I stood around taking photos and discussing methods. Thanks K and A!

The proud chefs!

What you need:

  • your favorite pasta
  • your favorite pasta sauce
  • your favorite vegetables (or whatever is available) — we used cherry tomatoes and broccoli
  • eggs (1 per person)
  • a cooking pot big enough for the pasta
  • a strainer, or a plate big enough to cover the pot
  • a bowl or plate for the sauce, or another pot if you have one
  • a knife and a spoon

That’s it!

Here’s what you do.

First, make the sauce:

Cut up your veggies. Put your canned/jarred sauce in the pot, add your veggies and a little bit of water if you like your sauce thinner, and simmer on medium-low heat until heated through and vegetables are tender. Transfer to a bowl/plate if you don’t have another pot for the pasta.

Next, make your pasta. Rinse out your pot and add pasta and enough water to more than cover the pasta, and cook according to package directions.

Meanwhile, play music and dance. Ignore the weird looks from people passing by.

When the pasta is almost done (less than 5 minutes left), crack your eggs into the pot. When it is done, it will look something like this.

If you don’t have a strainer, press a plate against the pot to keep the good stuff in and let the water drain out, like so:

Add the sauce back into the pot, and stir it up until everything is nice and hot! Serve and enjoy.

College food!

I promise it tastes better than it looks. And I guarantee that this is better than dining hall food. Plus, if you share with friends and each chip in an ingredient or two (pasta, sauce, eggs, veggies) it is quite cheap! Happy eating, muggles!